Café Coffee Day’s expert Coffee Evangelist a first of its kind, ‘Latte Art Festival’ – a unique initiative by CCD that will be held in select stores in Delhi till 11th May, 2018.

Café Coffee Day, the brand that pioneered the café culture in India, has always endeavored to enhance the passion and sanctity of the coffee beverage. CCD understands the value that latte art adds to the whole experience of getting a coffee to the excitement that it creates for coffee drinkers before they actually take a sip of their coffee. To amplify customer delight and make their coffee drinking experiences more memorable, CCD has come out with a first of its kind festival in India, “Latte Art Festival’. Through this festival, CCD will offer customers five handpicked latte art designs that will be created on their lattes or cappuccinos right at the customer’s table by CCD’s expert brewmasters.

Café Coffee Day is offering five latte art design options to choose from. It includes Heart, Rosette, Double Heart, Tulip and Wave Heart that will be poured over by the café staff skilled in making good latte art. Café Coffee Day has once again managed to hit the nail on the head by bolstering itself as numeruno when it comes to augmenting the joy and experience of sipping coffee.